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Our experienced team of dentists and dental professionals are here to make you smile.

Why Oklahoma City Dentures and Implants?

Our team is able to provide amazing results and extremely competitive dental implant and denture prices for multiple reasons:


Select Range of Services

While most dental offices provide root canals, fillings, and crowns, our practice focuses exclusively on dental implants, extractions, and dentures.


On-Site Dental Lab

This allows us to provide a more personal touch, reduce costs, and provide your service quickly.


Passion to Make a Difference

Our doctor’s enthusiasm for this life-changing area of dentistry has taken them on an intensive implant journey. We have a passion for restoring patient’s smiles with implants and dentures and continuously honing our skills and staying up to date with implant education in order to offer patients the very best treatments available.

Abe Bhatnagar, DMD

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a dentist. I am aware that is a bit unusual. But I love this job – to me, it is the perfect blend of art, technology, and engineering. I am forever grateful to be able to do this work with an amazing team and in a city I love. 

I was born in India, but my family moved shortly afterward to California in 1990. We lived in San Francisco during the early stages of the tech boom and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia after the 1996 Olympics. There, I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Georgia Tech in Biochemistry and Polymer Chemistry. Biochemistry was still a relatively new field back then! I was part of the fourth graduating class at Georgia Tech with that degree. I briefly considered pursuing a career in drug design and development, but chose to continue pursuing my childhood passion for dentistry. I completed my dental school in Phoenix, Arizona at Midwestern University. After dental school, my family and I moved to OKC around ten years ago and it has been a fantastic ride watching this city grow.

At dental school and afterward, I was very fortunate to have incredible mentors to learn from. With their guidance, I have focused my career on the surgical aspects of general dentistry. I have been extracting impacted wisdom teeth and placing implants since before I graduated from dental school. In my initial years as a dentist, I worked in an emergency dental clinic where we routinely took care of difficult-to-numb “hot teeth” and abscesses. Over the last few years, I have owned and practiced at Redbud Dental in Edmond, where my focus has shifted to comprehensive care and IV sedation. I think my drive to provide the most comfortable experience possible is because I have TMD problems and am a difficult dental patient myself.

At OKCDI, our focus is purely on dentures and implants. We do not do anything else. We place implants and make dentures on-site. This allows us to start with the end in mind, avoid multiple visits at multiple offices, and engage with the lab technician throughout the treatment. What you will find here is a culture of education. We are happy and proud to show you where we plan to place implants on your CT scan, how we make dentures using the highest quality materials, and how to ensure the best possible outcome with your dental treatment. If there is anything that I can do for you, whether or not you are a patient of ours, please feel free to reach out.

Kari, Office Manager

Kari has been an office manager in the medical field since 2002. She started her career in major medical then transitioned to dental in 2021. Kari enjoys interacting and building relationships with our patients. Her priority is to ensure that all of our patients have a wonderful experience. She works hard to help put together a treatment plan that is the best fit for our patients’ needs. Her favorite part of our practice is our great team and our genuine care for our patients.

Outside of the office, she loves spending time with her family including her husband, two wonderful kids, two sweet grandkids, an awesome daughter in law, and son in law. She likes hosting cookouts, hanging by the pool, and vacationing with family and friends. She has a love for animals large and small including her three European Great Danes. 

Shayla, Dental Assistant

Shayla was born in California, but moved to Oklahoma before she was a year old. She grew up in Meeker, Oklahoma and then attended Rose State College where she obtained her associates degree. Dentistry has always been something she was intrigued by.  It makes her happy when she gets to see patients walk out of the clinic with a big smile on their face. When she is not in the dental office she is with her family and all of their animals enjoying the outdoors. 

Jacob, Lab Tech

Jacob was born in Arizona but grew up in Colorado. He moved to Oklahoma with his wife and children in 2015 where he began his dental lab technician Career where he has love helping patients achieve their perfect smile ever since!!!

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